Download the Pascale Naessens App for free

Instantly find the recipes you are looking for, adjust quantities in an instant and create practical shopping lists. Everyone is extremely enthusiastic about this user-friendly app. To be used together with the books.


Are you looking for inspiration or use my books often? Then this app is a must, it will make your (cooking) life much more enjoyable.


I developed the app especially for the readers who use my books. It is a free support to make the books even more user-friendly. The idea is to use the books together with the app.

  • Find inspiration by ingredient name, e.g., "chicken," or food type, e.g., "dessert.
  • Easily find everything. What book is that recipe in again?
  • Select different dishes and create one convenient shopping list, sorted by category.
  • Complete the shopping list and remove what you don't need.
  • Adjust quantities: do you eat alone or with several people? The app adjusts the shopping list accordingly.


The app is ready to use and we continue to work on it daily to keep it up to date .If you have any tips or suggestions for improvements, we would love to hear from you!


A few comments from users:

"My regular app to search for a dish that I have an ingredient in." - Sahin

"Great! Done with forgetting ingredients and taking notes." - Debora

"Super convenient. Choose dishes, make shopping list, add what we need extra and delete what we already have, go to the store and check off what we have. Voila, nothing forgotten. Tasty." - Anja