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Go Pure Masterclass 2023

Cook together with Pascale Naessens, attend lectures with various experts and be part of our community! For a week we will cook together (with many recipes from my new book 'Chez Pascale'), we will move together and you will follow masterclasses with various experts. The idea is that we stimulate and inspire each other to become healthier and happier.


The power of a group!


Would you like to be part of our community?

Go Pure is a great success every year with mostly enthusiastic participants sharing their experiences in a private facebook group. Everything takes place online.

New in 2023

  • The videos will remain available online for longer, instead of 4 months, 11 months!
  • 8 interviews with top experts
  • 3 waves. We repeat the GoPure week in January and May (i.e. in Sept '23, Jan '24 and May '24).

Will you join us?

What to expect.

A solid health boost

  • Daily recipes and cooking videos (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Interviews with renowned experts
  • Exercise videos (yoga, power training, meditation, etc.)
  • 11 months access to the videos
  • Access to an exclusive facebook group
  • 3 waves, we repeat GOPURE 23, in September '23, January '24 and May '24

You get multiple videos every day to really boost your health!

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8 interviews with top experts

Photo Frank De Winter

Frank De Winter

Annelies Smolders

Annelies Smolders

Portzky M

Michael Portzky


Sofie Lieckens

Tom De Prest

Tom De Prest

Siebe Hannosset

Siebe Hannosset

Pascale Naessens

Pascale Naessens


Wencel Top

Not only do you get the recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with shopping lists and practical tips. You also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can share your experiences.

Pascale interviews the experts of the moment who inspire her personally. This year is all about 'well-being'. Pascale interviews clinical biologist Wencel Top on how to successfully reach your goal weight, doctor and orthomolecular therapist Frank De Winter on the effects of sugar on your body, neuropsychologist Michaël Portzky 'Discover the resilience in yourself', neurotherapist Tom De Prest on the impact of emotions and thoughts, the impact of sleep on health and weight with sleep psychologist Annelies Smolders, Siebe Hannosset talks about the healing power of 'cold showers' and 'good breathing' and with movement therapist Sofie Lieckens, we go back to the basics of movement. And finally, Pascale Naessens herself gives you more insight into your relationship with food.

When you understand how a healthy lifestyle works, it's easy to make good choices. That's why this 7-day Masterclass combined with cooking videos, exercise videos and interview sessions.