My Partners

I love working with creative people. It is blissful to bring projects to fruition with the creative department of companies. However, you can't hire me to promote an existing product on my social media, I have no merit in that. But let's create something new together, I look forward to that.

'Walk the talk' as they say so beautifully in English.


For me, it is important that what I do is true to what I convey.

First of all, I would like to thank my partners and their creative teams for the nice and many hours we spent together, for their support and inspiration. With these pages, I would like to literally highlight them. I am happy to work with such wonderful companies.

All my collaborations started rather slowly. My first collaboration with a company was with Serax, where I make the ceramics myself, say the prototype, while they take care of the production and distribution. Since then, I have been working with other companies on a similar basis. I sit down with the creative departments and together we create a new product.

So you can't hire me to promote existing products on my social media, I don't have any merit in that, I'm too happy to get creative myself for that. To those interested: 'Let's make something new together, I'm looking forward to that.'

Collaboration with Serax

The collaboration with Serax is close to my heart. It all started small, 13 years ago. I arrived there with my colored plates. At that time almost all tableware was white, beautiful but boring, I thought. It was the ideal moment, Axel and Frank from Serax were enthusiastic about my work and we were off.


Collaboration with Lannoo

Meanwhile, I have been working with Lannoo Publishing for 12 years. I still remember the first day, I came in with my thick folder under my arm. That was my book that I had already put together myself, the pictures of my recipes printed and in the right order with the quotes already included, etc ... Yes, they were quite impressed, Johan Ghysels asked me: 'and what should we do now?' 'Publishing!' I said.


Collaboration with RainPharma

When I sat down with RainPharma's team, Dominique, Eric and Greet, it clicked right away. We clearly share the same passion for purity and beauty. Our belief in the power of nature is our greatest motivation. But what also charmed me was their hospitality. Before I knew it, we were sitting around the table together having dinner and making plans. That was the beginning of "Pure Nature.


Collaboration with Delhaize

If we want to make society healthier, healthy food must be everywhere, including in "prepared meals. This is also Delhaize's starting point, and a collaboration was not long in coming. This resulted in fresh meals with lots of vegetables, healthy fats and no preservatives or other additives.