My studio

'Oh no! You can't!" said Paul.

'I know, we have a problem. So we have to solve it,' I grinned. I had bought my first turntable and put them in the kitchen. Fortunately, it was summer. A month later I was sitting in a small garden house, barely three by three meters and with no heating. And yet I loved sitting there. The doors were usually open, squirrels came by, blissful. I stayed there for two years. Afterwards, we restored an old barn and I am in a, say, large log cabin, a place where I feel at home. I relax there and like to work for hours on my turntable. There I forget for a moment all the cares of the world. The only thing that interests me then are my pots.


"Often I sit in my studio until late at night. Then Paul has to come and find me. Once I'm in the flow, it's very hard to stop."


Would you like to learn pottery yourself?