In partnership with Delhaize, Pascale is launching a number of fresh take-out meals. These dishes are composed according to her vision: lots of vegetables, natural ingredients, healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available.


Deliciously fresh meals, with lots of vegetables, good fats and no preservatives. This is very exceptional in the supermarket.

delhaize-pure-pascale-seasonal-soban noodles

Selling healthy meals in the supermarket.

Selling healthy meals in the supermarket, I know all about it by now and I can tell you that it is quite a challenge. That's why I'm so excited that both Delhaize and Culinor, the producer of the meals, want to collaborate on this. The ingredients are more expensive, the preparation is more difficult and the shelf life is shorter. That is precisely why I am so proud of this collaboration, that we still manage to bring these healthy meals to the market.

Consumers must also be on board
The demand for healthy food comes primarily from consumers themselves, but not everyone is on board yet. Because these are fresh meals without preservatives (as you would prepare them at home), the expiration date is limited. This is also why these meals must be sold within a few days, and this is made clear with a sticker. But all too often I hear from some consumers that surely it can't be that these meals go bad so quickly. So there is still a lot of work to be done, I guess.

There is a choice between lowcarb, keto and vegetarian.