Weekly menus

Creating your own weekly menu has never been easier! Here we would like to inspire you with delicious and easy weekly menus. You can adapt them to your own needs. With the free app you can compile your practical shopping list and for the recipes we refer to the books.

No more hassle with self-written shopping lists that get lost. This is how planning a weekly menu really becomes fun!

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My free app already on your smartphone?

What's for dinner tonight? That can sometimes be a tricky question, but with this free app we make it easy for you. You can browse through all the books if you are looking for inspiration, search recipes by ingredient or category and very easily create a practical shopping list. Don't hesitate, it's absolutely free.


What can you do about that excessive craving for food?

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Willpower won't do it, because that is tantamount to ignoring your body's signals, like ignoring your feeling of hunger or ignoring that you crave food. You don't sustain that; you just have to work with your body. Your body and your mind have to be on the same wavelength, then it will work. So you have to make sure that craving is no longer there.

The only way to get rid of that gnawing feeling is to really nourish your body so that it is truly satiated. And you don't do that by eating less, but by eating more quality food, so that your hormones calm down, so that your body can send the right signals to your brain, signals that say, "I've had enough. And suddenly you find that you no longer crave that piece of cake at all, that you now manage to stay away from that bread, that you can leave the chips untouched.

So it has little to do with willpower, but simply with your body being truly satiated. When you eat natural foods, your body functions better. Many insist on behavior change, but you can't sustain that behavior change if it makes you constantly hungry and unhappy. Therefore, my angle is: eat differently and you will see that your behavior will change.


Beautiful and stylish dining contributes so much to the enjoyment of the dining moment. I am always on the lookout for fun items, and the key word here is "creativity. When I don't find what I'm looking for, I often make it myself. The styling of the photos in my books consists of an amalgamation of bought and collected items, self-painted items and my own creations. I am happy to give you an insight.


Food can make you happy, disgust you, make you angry, scare you ...

Why these differences? I have experienced them all. What has changed? 'I' haven't changed, but what I 'eat' has changed. My mother was not a great kitchen princess, but she insisted that we always eat fresh, even if it was the classic cuisine with bread and potatoes. We ate mostly lots of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, we were given few sweets and ate no snacks. What did I eat later as a young adult? Spaghetti, sandwiches, pizza, breakfast cakes. And I drank cola ...

I had become entangled in the addictive web of fast carbs interspersed with moments of dieting with lettuce and carrots. A world of extremes. Food made me unhappy then, happy now. Nothing has changed about my genes, but what I eat has. If you eat unprocessed food, food that belongs to your body, then your body does what it is supposed to do, then you can eat freely, you become happy and you are fulfilled.