When I first met the people of Rainpharma, Dominique, Eric and Greet, it clicked immediately. We clearly share the same passion for purity and beauty. Our belief in the power of nature is our greatest motivation. But what also charmed me was their hospitality. Before I knew it, we were sitting around the table together having dinner and making plans. That was the beginning of "Pure Nature.

I have great respect for entrepreneurs who can market their passion without compromising their values. Dominique Bastins is very special in that. By training he is a sociologist and you can still tell. Everything he does, he does with respect for people and you can feel that. He also selects his employees on that basis, all warm personalities. It is therefore a pleasure to visit RainPharma.

Fragrances, essential oils, herbs ... these are the elements I love to work with. RainPharma surrounded me with the right people and their professional knowledge, which allowed me to work in complete freedom while still feeling supported when needed. The result is a beautiful fragrance, which we christened "Pure Nature," it is both powerful and feminine. The fragrance is available as a Pure Essential Oil, as a Natural Room Spray and is incorporated into a Skin Wash and a Natural Body Oil.

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Pure Nature Collection

PascaleNaessens (84 of 119)
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Taking good care of yourself is done from the inside, by eating well, but also from the outside, by rubbing yourself with pure and quality products. For me, the two are not separate.

The full collection

In the Pure Nature collection you will find a natural Skin Wash, a pure essential oil, a Natural Room Spray and now a Natural Body Oil. Would you like to give Pure Nature as a gift? Then you can choose between Big Love Pure Nature or the Pure Nature gift box. Something for everyone, and all with the same delicious scent!