My passion for ceramics

Started 20 years ago in Tunisia, after meeting ceramist Sabiha Ayari.

What she did, I also wanted to be able to do; it was love at first sight. I followed courses and various internships in Belgium and abroad. What started as a hobby soon became more and turning ceramics became a professional occupation.


How it began.

While doing a reportage in Tunisia, I saw the ceramicist Sabiha Ayari at work. It immediately hit my stomach, I felt the passion, it was almost pure jealousy, I wanted to be able to do that too. Once back home I started looking for a studio. I trained for years with ceramist Bie Van Gucht and various internships in ceramics, glazing and firing techniques.

It all started small, my first turntable was, much to my husband's annoyance, in the kitchen. But I found it blissful. I have since worn out hours on the turntable, the only way to learn. But every minute I enjoy it. It is also a fine way to connect, I find it blissful to attend master classes with renowned ceramists at home and abroad.

pure-pascale-naessens-Screen image 8

Pure by Pascale Naessens for Serax

Only later did the idea of submitting my plates to Serax, a Belgian company known far beyond the borders for its artistic tableware and other design objects, come to mind. With a small heart and loaded with my best dinnerware, I went there, but the company's management was immediately enthusiastic, especially about the colors and vibrant glazes.

At that time almost all tableware was white, with my colors I made a difference. Thus Pure was born, it was immediately a national and international success. Both people at home and top restaurants such as Pure-C, Boury and the world-famous London restaurant Hakkasan serve on my plates. Released under the line 'Pure', the tableware is distinguished mainly by its colors, organic design and vibrant glazes.


Bathroom Ceramics

For me it was a small step to creating ceramics for the bathroom, after all, my own bathroom was already full of homemade ceramics. All the jars contain fun items such as ear sticks, cotton pads, bath salts, toothbrushes, soap... Each jar is an invitation.