Pure Glassware

Creating a convivial atmosphere, an environment where everyone feels at home and can enjoy carefree ... After the success of her tableware line, Pascale Naessens once again succeeds in translating her view of enjoyment, this time to a new glassware and cutlery collection.

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Pure Glassware

The glasses, from water glasses over wine glasses to champagne glasses and a matching decanter, originated from her fondness for Egyptian glassware with those typical air bubbles. By giving the classic shapes a contemporary interpretation, a special fusion of past and present is now created. A mix of robust shapes with a refined look that create beautiful plays of light, for example on a summer table. Inviting, welcoming and pure.

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Serax is a Belgian family business, regularly Axel's mother walks around it, she is actually the founder of the company.

When I arrived there 13 years ago, Serax was not yet working so much with ceramists. Roos van de Velde was one of the first, a very good ceramist and a real artist. I have seen the company grow and in the meantime, Serax is working with top national and international ceramists/designers such as Fréderick Gautier, Antonie Sciortino, Anne Demeulemeester, Marie Michielssen ... and top culinary chefs such as Sergio Herman and Ottolenghi. I feel particularly honored in their company.

Serax has also become very important as an international player, they sell all over the world. As a result, I regularly get forwarded photos from Belgians abroad who let me know that they have dined on my ceramics in Bali, Maldives, China, Poland, ...