Warm feta with sautéed vegetables and pecans (keto)
Preparation: 25 min.

Warm feta with sautéed vegetables and pecans (keto)

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Delicious, surprising and simple. You can vary this with other keto-friendly vegetables.


100 g feta cheese
200 g feta cheese
300 g feta cheese
400 g feta cheese
500 g feta cheese
600 g feta cheese
700 g feta cheese
800 g feta cheese
900 g feta cheese
1 kg feta cheese
200 g broccoli
400 g broccoli
600 g broccoli
800 g broccoli
1 kg broccoli
1.2 kg of broccoli
1.4 kg of broccoli
1.6 kg of broccoli
1.8 kg of broccoli
2 kg broccoli
1 spring onion
2 spring onions
3 spring onions
4 spring onions
5 spring onions
6 spring onions
7 spring onions
8 spring onions
9 spring onions
10 spring onions
35 g bell peppers, red
70 g bell peppers, red
105 g bell peppers, red
140 g bell peppers, red
175 g bell peppers, red
210 g bell peppers, red
245 g bell peppers, red
280 g bell peppers, red
315 g bell peppers, red
350 g bell peppers, red
15 g pecans
30 g pecans
45 g pecans
60 g pecans
75 g pecans
90 g pecans
105 g pecans
120 g pecans
135 g pecans
150 g pecans
30 g olives
60 g olives
90 g olives
120 g olives
150 g olives
180 g olives
210 g olives
240 g olives
270 g olives
300 g olives
20 g olive oil
40 g olive oil
60 g olive oil
80 g olive oil
100 g olive oil
120 g olive oil
140 g olive oil
160 g olive oil
180 g olive oil
200 g olive oil

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Preheat the oven to 200 °C.
Cut the feta in half, place the pieces in an ovenproof dish and place in the oven for 10 minutes or until the feta begins to color slightly at the corners.
Cut the broccoli into florets, the spring onion into fine rings and the bell bell pepper into cubes. Sauté the vegetables in the olive oil. Add your favorite olives, doesn't matter if they are green or black, as long as you like them. Season with black pepper and salt.
Coarsely chop the nuts.
Place a slice of feta on each plate and arrange the vegetables against it. Top with the nuts.

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"I really like to prepare this: tasty, surprising and simple. You can vary this with
other keto-friendly vegetables."

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