The world of Pascale Naessens

My main keys in life: healthy eating, exercise, good sleep, good social contacts, meditation and a purpose in life.


My studio

My favorite places in the house? My kitchen, my bath and my studio.

It started with a small pot, as a hobby. Meanwhile it has become my work. I can say that ceramics makes me really happy, inventing an object, making it myself and using it afterwards gives a special satisfaction. I prefer to make utensils such as tableware (all the tableware in my books I have turned or designed myself but I also often buy beautiful ceramics from others).

I like to surround myself with (semi) artisan objects. They tell a story and that makes my life rich. Even though these are more fragile than ceramics from big chains. I don't mind a plate with a piece off, that too tells a story, just as I like people with a corner off, they also have a more interesting story to tell.


The world of Pascale

Playlist 'Chez Pascale' Spotify

"I see 'cozy dining' as a total experience. Of course delicious and good food is crucial here, the more quality the food, the more you enjoy it. But at least as important is the way the meal is served, elegant table linen and beautiful plates spring to mind. I do not avoid clichés, on the contrary, candles still do best. But the finishing touch is given by the music.

I have chosen music that will take you to a higher level, in which you can lose yourself and become absorbed. Music that will move you, that is very present, but without claiming all the attention. Music that enhances the total event."

De playlist ‘Chez Pascale’ is speciaal samengesteld ter ere van de lancering van mijn nieuw boek. Het is een mix van klassieke en filmmuziek, voor intieme, romantische etentjes, waarbij je enkel nog in elkaars ogen hoeft te kijken.

Apero playlist via Spotify

"Creating atmosphere is what makes a person happy. Atmosphere is pure emotion and goes straight to the heart. Music does that in a wonderful way. That's why I can't imagine a dinner party without atmospheric music.

At the aperitif, the atmosphere may be a little looser and the music a little more rhythmic. For this, I choose world music by authentic artists such as Chavela Vargas and Titi Robin."